On Friday 26th September 2014 the Royal Australian Regiment Association SA will conduct a book launch for the book ‘A 
Duty Done’ at the Burnside RSL, 13 Beatty Street, Linden Park.
The launch will commence at 4.30 pm and those attending are requested to arrive from 4.00 pm onwards. Dress will be neat casual for those who are not invited guests . Invited guests may wish to wear a coat and tie. Further it is requested that those
attending do not wear decorations and medals.

A Duty Done is a summary of operations by the Royal Australian Regiment in the Vietnam War 1965-1975 by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Fred Fairhead who served in the War as the Intelligence Officer 6 RAR.
The book describes some fifty major operations each with accompanying maps and sketches and covers all of the sixteen Battalion tours of duty in Vietnam from 1 RAR in 1965 to 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion’s last operations in 1971.
Some comments by those who have read it are:
This book will reach out to future generations and provide a clear, accurate and proud account of soldiering as it was during the Vietnam conflict.
Brigadier (Retd) George Mansford, ex 6 RAR

This book should be required reading and study at the Australian Defence Force Academy, the Royal Military College and Infantry Corps courses.
Brigadier (Retd) Laurie Lewis, ex 9 RAR.

To obtain a copy of the book please consult the RAR Association SA website.
Contact officer for the book launch is Adrian Craig, Ceremonial Officer RAR 
Association SA; 8263 4784 and

George Mansford is a laconic, patriotic Australian. He has a great zest for life and his eyes sparkle when he regales his many friends with tales of yester-years. He has proudly served his Nation in Korea, Malaya and South Vietnam. He leads from the front, calls a spade a shovel and was a tough soldier and commander. He laughs often and loudly but he has known sorrow during his life.
I am sure that this collection of George’s short stories and poems, will give you a far greater understanding of George Mansford than any character description can. George truly epitomises everything Australian and I am honoured to have George Mansford as a friend.
Neil Weekes, AM, MC Brigadier (Retired)
For general enquiries or anyone interested in purchasing a copy of The Spirit of Australia; please contact Jeannette Bartlett via:  
If paying by cheque, the cheque should be made payable to George Lyon Mansford
and posted to:
J. Bartlett
U2/68 Pacific Drive,
Banksia Beach, 4507,  Qld.
If paying by internet banking the details are:
Commonwealth Bank,  Earlville, Qld.
Account Name:   George Lyon Mansford
BSB No.           064 830
Account No.   10367657

$30 per copy (including postage within Australia)
All profits from the sale of the first printing of the book will be donated to the following organisations.

• Legacy
• The Royal Australian Regiment Association (Memorial Walk)
• Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (Memorial Grove)

Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.
If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Jeannette Bartlett for any additional enquiries. Phone 0417 515773

"The Boy from Tully: Peter Lauder MC"

For those with a PC wanting to read eBooks there is at least one option which is a free download.
Go into Google and search for "Kindle for PC" and download the free application. Kindle for PC gives you access to the Amazon book store.
Once you have downloaded, go into the tab at the top of the page "Kindle store" on Kindle for PC. Once the Amazon page opens, there will be a search bar at the top. Type in "The Boy from Tully" and search. The eBook version will come up. You can preview the book or buy it by following the prompts. Once you buy it, it will be downloaded to your library on the PC.
If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad you can access the eBook by going into the ITunes store on the top right of ITunes. Go into the Books tab at the top of the page. When this opens go into the search bar at the top right corner and type in "The Boy from Tully". You can then proceed to preview it or buy it by following the prompts.
If anyone wants help to do this online please give me a ring on 0410 129 410
David Read

 Walking with Grunts by Father Stan Hessey

I have had a long two years trying to publish a book about my time in Vietnam with 8 RAR. At long last it is in print. The publishers price is $49-99 which I think is far too high, Profit on the venture is not my concern, just leaving another experience. I am able to sell at $30 a copy. Grey Eighters expressed interest 2 years ago. Can I offer the book to the associations that you could sell at say $35 with the $5 extra to 8 RAR Ass. funds? I am waiting delivery of bulk copies of the book. Can you pass this on to whoever makes such decisions.
This book is available via the Association.

Book Sales:


  Fighting to the finish: the Australian Army and the Vietnam War, 1968–1975


by Ashley Ekins with Ian McNeill

The product of years of intensive research, Fighting to the finish reveals the experiences of Australian soldiers in Vietnam in a way that has not been possible before. The book is richly illustrated with 250 images and over 40 maps and tables.

Fighting to the finish is now available to order! To ensure that this landmark publication is available across Australia, the Australian War Memorial is offering FREE postage and handling on single copies and a bulk discount for orders of five or more. (Delivery must be to a single address within Australia.)

This book will not be available to purchase from the Memorial Shop until the 24 of February 2012 

A photographic essay and a must for those who served in this theatre. Never officially declared a war it was labelled a police action-the Korean Conflict- largely in order to avoid the necessity of a declaration of war by the US Congress.The reader will observe that the majority of the photographs were the work of- Hobson,Dunkly,Robertson,Holzheimer and Meldrum. They were shining lights amongst those professional War Photographers of the time. The creativity expressed in their work is impressive to say the least.Equally impressive six decades on is the clarity with which the photographs have been compiled to succinctly document men and women at war.
This is a must have publication for service-men and women especially from a military heritage perspective.
Available @ discount by Contacting the Webmaster Email:

Cost $20 +postage $10 Total=  $30

New Revised Release by Winston (Bill) Parry
"Just a Nasho"
Email for Bill :
Cost: $25 incl ph or $20 if picked up. @ 36 Ruby Street-Mango Hill- QLD 4509.

Ph. 07 3204 0950