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The 8Ball March 2023 Issue ( Temp Link a new page for  8 Ball is to be set up ASAP)
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My request is for ALL 8RAR guys to send a photo of then and now.
Email. way8rar@gmail.com

Phone 0456 777 707
Postal: Wayne Maschette
           19 Moorings Place

            Corinella VIC 3984
To view the example photographs: Click on the Link Below and in the drop-down box click on Save. The page will appear on the bottom left of the screen.
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/88241/16. Then and Now for Reunion Dinner.pptx

Anyone who has photos not digitized can go to a local Officeworks or give me a call and I will walk you through it.  Or bring your hard copy photos to the reunion and I will scan them for you. Many of the current photos are Support Company oriented, Time for the Rifle company boys to step up.
Wayne's efforts are commended by the National Committee: Wayne Maschette’s sterling efforts of putting together videos of our operations in SVN for display at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum ( NVVM ) at Phillip Island, he is also aiming to put together a “ Then versus Now “ Photographic Gallery on video for the dinner and the long-term legacy of 8 RAR members.


Current List of people Registered for the Anzac Day Reunion 2023:

As @ 23 MAR 23

Member Name Last Name First Name
Abbott Abbott Ian
Agnew Agnew Graeme
Agnew Agnew Julie
Alexander Alexander Ryan
Alexander Alexander Brooke
Anderson Anderson Blue
Anderson Anderson Kelly
Andropof Andropof Jane
Azzopardi Azzopardi Joe
Azzopardi Azzopardi Connie
Babbs Babbs Bill
Babbs Babbs Susanne
Balk Balk James
Bell Bell Brian
Betts Betts John
Bowden Bowden B
Bowdenstaff Bowdenstaff John
Boyle Boyle Brian
Boxshall Boxshall Keith
Boxshall Pollard Susan
Bridges Bridges Jack
Brooks Brooks David
Brooks Brooks Pamela
Brown Brown Jim
Brown Brown Dawn
Buckney Buckney Peter
Buckney Buckney Kerrin
Burton Burton Ronald
Burnett Burnett Roger
Burnett Burnett Fay
Burton Burton Phoebe
Burton Burton Brian
Byrne Byrne Jason
Byrne McQueen Vicki
Byrne Pierce Scott
Clunies-Ross AO MBE RL Clunies-Ross AO MBE RL Adrian
Cocker Cocker Steve
Cocker Cocker Val
Cooney Cooney Brian
Cooney Cooney Maureen
Cooper Cooper John
Cooper Cooper Hilary
Coultman-Smith Coultman-Smith Grant
Cousins Cousins Peter
Cousins Ottignon Kathy
D'Arcy D'Arcy Bob
D'Arcy Perry Jane
Daniels Daniels Terry
Darr Darr Barry
Darr Darr Janice
Emmett Emmett Ken
Evans Evans Bluey
Evans Evans Des
Evans Evans Ann
Evans Evans Laurie
Evans Evans Christine
Everett Everett Geoff
Fedrick Fedrick Colin
Fedrick Fedrick Susan
Fraser Fraser Paul
Fraser Fraser Sue
Fraser Fraser Peter
Fraser Fraser Janet
Gee Gee Tony
Gee Gee Loretta
Gilliland Gilliland Warren
Gilliland Madex Joy
Goodall Goodall David
Goodall Gottle Kay
Gordon Gordon Don
Gordon Gordon Paul
Grant Grant John
Grant Grant Cheryl
Growden Growden Kym
Hallam Hallam Geoff
Hallam Hallam Rhonda
Halsey Halsey Geoff
Halsey Halsey Ann
Hart Hart Stephen
Hart Hart Dale
Higgs Higgs Gary
Hopkins Hopkins Geoff
Hopkins Hopkins Cath
Janson Janson Paul
Janson Janson Jan
Jones Jones John
Kearns Kearns Peter
Kitt Kitt David
Koo Koo Arthur
Koo Tomlin Karlene
Kupsch Kupsch Jack
Lade Lade Graham
Lade Lade Gabrielle
Lankford Lankford Bruce
Lankford Lankford Marilyn
Larkin Larkin John
Larkin Larkin Gail
Larter Larter Gary
Larter Larter Joy
Leslie Leslie Brian
Leslie Leslie Eileen
Leslie Leslie Gerard
Leslie Sear Alicia
Leslie Sear Braedyn
Lines Lines Dennis
Lockhart Lockhart Charlie
Lockhart Lockhart Carol
Long Long Bob
Lyons Lyons Tom
Manassa Manassa Peter
Marshall Marshall Wayne
Marshall Marshall Robyn
McDougall McDougall Kym
McDougall McDougall Lyn
McGillion McGillion Joseph
McGuinness McGuinness Dennis
McGuinness McGuinness Susan
McKay McKay Chris
McLean McLean Doug
McLean McLean Made
Mertyn Mertyn R
Mison Mison Bruce
Mison Mison Rhonda
Morgan Morgan Ewen
Morgan Morgan Sandra
Morris Morris Andrew
Morris Morris Pat
Moulton Moulton Gary
Murphy Murphy Delphine
Newton Newton George
Newton Newton Gwyneth
Odgers Odgers Clive
O'Donoghue O'Donoghue Maureen
Olding Olding Alan
Olding Olding Jenny
O'Leary O'Leary GH
Onrust Onrust John
Palmer Palmer Les
Palmer Palmer Sue
Phillips Phillips Peter
Pinder Pinder Colin
Pleasance Pleasance Jim
Pleasance Novak Elka
Pond Pond Trevor
Pond Pond Sandra
Prendergast Prendergast Michael
Prendergast Prendergast Pauline
Ravenscroft Ravenscroft Geoff
Ripper Ripper Barry
Ripper Ripper Jeanette
Roberts Roberts Peter
Roberts Roberts Mary
Roberts Roberts Paul
Robison Robison James
Robison Robison Sue
Robinson Robinson Steve
Robinson Robinson Ann
Rowley Rowley Laurie
Saxon Saxon Kevin
Saxon Saxon Paula
Scanlan Scanlan Terry
Scanlan Scanlan Meagan
Scheuermann Scheuermann Klaus
Scheuermann Scheuermann Lynda
Schwarschnik Schwarschnik Rudolph
Shaw Shaw Julian
Shaw Shaw Hiliary
Simmonds Simmonds Geoff
Simmonds Reilly Sandra
Simson Simson Paul
Small Small Allan
Small Small Joyce
Smith Smith Ray
Smith Martin Mary
Smith Smith Rita
Smith Smith Jeffrey
Smith Smith Robyn
Smith Smith Neil
Smyth Smyth Craig
Steele Steele Norman
Steele Steele Bernice
Steele Steele Kristy
Stevens Stevens Mark
Stevens Stevens Ruth
Stinson Stinson Barry
Stopford Stopford Jim
Stopford Stopford Bronwyn
Swayn Swayn Mark
Vines Vines Richard
Vines Vines Kathleen
Walls Walls Neil
Walls Walls Robyn
Ward Ward George
Westhead Westhead Thomas
Westhead Westhead Lyn
Williamson Williamson Erle
Williamson Williamson Judy
Wood Wood Peter
Wood Wood Wilma
Young Young Fred